My New Hobby

I am not a Pinterest mom.

I do not braid my daughter’s hair in intricate designs. I don’t make my own homemade crayons with my daughter. I do not cut my daughter’s carrots into interesting shapes. (Hey, I don’t even feed her carrots.) I don’t do crafts. Period.

So I was as surprised as anyone to find a new crafty hobby with my daughter. I read an article about a mom who made paper dresses with her four-year-old just for fun. I immediately thought that it was exactly what I wanted to do with my daughter. She loves twirling around in dresses. I love clothes. I guess I became a crafty mom – I just needed to find my niche.

I love watching Project Runway and always wonder how they can create such beautiful dresses in one day. Well, now I make paper dresses in about 20 minutes with my squirming, mischevious 2-year-old.

Allie loves doing it. It means she gets to play with scissors. (Kid scissors, of course.) For awhile, she asked me to make one every single day. Now we make them just occasionally as the mood strikes us. But it’s such a fun way for us to have some mommy-daughter bonding and do something we both enjoy. Here are a few of the dresses we’ve made together.


Our ninja dress (based on Olive’s ninja dress from Justin Time)


Our Tangled dress (which looks nothing like Rapunzel’s dress, but, hey, it’s pink.)

Martha Stewart

Our Martha Stewart Living magazine dress (because I didn’t want to throw that cute bunny out)


An Elsa dress (of course)



Another Elsa dress (of course)

wedding dress

A wedding dress (because all I have left is white tissue paper)

I don’t know how long we’ll keep doing it, but for now we’re having a lot of fun!


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