An (Anti) Guide to Writing

As a professional writer, I’ve read a lot of advice on how to write. I don’t mean advice that addresses technique or style. There are many excellent guides on the … Continue Reading →

Outside My Window

Outside my window: The snow is melting from last week’s freeze, uncovering the piles of soggy leaves that were raked but never bagged. The snow is also melting off the south … Continue Reading →


Allie’s Third Birthday

I’m a month late, but I wanted to post about Allie’s third birthday party (and her cousin Jett’s fourth birthday party). We had a Frozen themed party – at Jett’s … Continue Reading →

Avalon 9 months

Allie three

Three years and counting!

Look who is three!


Things I will and will not miss about breastfeeding

Last night, I nursed Avalon for the last time. Deciding to wean Avalon has been a hard process, as I intended to nurse her for a year or longer. But … Continue Reading →

tom hiddleeston

Slacktivism vs. Judgmentalism

We’ve all seen the videos, from your neighbor to Gwen Stefani dousing themselves in a bucket of ice water to raise money for ALS. And with the success of this … Continue Reading →


Five, Six, Seven, Eight Months and Counting!

I’ve been taking a little break from blogging, and now the reward is that I have four fresh photos to share of my sweet little baby! Here Avalon is at … Continue Reading →

wedding dress

My New Hobby

I am not a Pinterest mom. I do not braid my daughter’s hair in intricate designs. I don’t make my own homemade crayons with my daughter. I do not cut … Continue Reading →


Worshipping at the Throne of Arrested Development

These days, I spend a lot of time staring at thighs. Chubby wubby baby thighs, that is. Avalon’s legs are so fat it’s hard to tell where her bum ends … Continue Reading →