Things to remember – 4 years and 21 months

Dear Alexandra, You just turned four. Four is a funny age. Five seems like a little girl. Three still seems like a toddler. Four is on the brink. Since you’re … Continue Reading →


Parenting as My Bow Is Bent

I read a lot of parenting articles. I don’t mean to. But someone posts this, I come across that, and suddenly I feel overwhelmed at all the things I’m supposed … Continue Reading →


The Fairytale of Friendship

Has the picture of perfect friendship become your Prince Charming?  I’m convinced that personal epiphany often seems like platitude to all except the one having the epiphany, so I write … Continue Reading →


An (Anti) Guide to Writing

As a professional writer, I’ve read a lot of advice on how to write. I don’t mean advice that addresses technique or style. There are many excellent guides on the … Continue Reading →

Outside My Window

Outside my window: The snow is melting from last week’s freeze, uncovering the piles of soggy leaves that were raked but never bagged. The snow is also melting off the south … Continue Reading →


Allie’s Third Birthday

I’m a month late, but I wanted to post about Allie’s third birthday party (and her cousin Jett’s fourth birthday party). We had a Frozen themed party – at Jett’s … Continue Reading →

Avalon 9 months

Allie three

Three years and counting!

Look who is three!


Things I will and will not miss about breastfeeding

Last night, I nursed Avalon for the last time. Deciding to wean Avalon has been a hard process, as I intended to nurse her for a year or longer. But … Continue Reading →

tom hiddleeston

Slacktivism vs. Judgmentalism

We’ve all seen the videos, from your neighbor to Gwen Stefani dousing themselves in a bucket of ice water to raise money for ALS. And with the success of this … Continue Reading →