Allie’s Third Birthday

I’m a month late, but I wanted to post about Allie’s third birthday party (and her cousin Jett’s fourth birthday party). We had a Frozen themed party – at Jett’s … Continue Reading →

Avalon 9 months

Allie three

Three years and counting!

Look who is three!


Things I will and will not miss about breastfeeding

Last night, I nursed Avalon for the last time. Deciding to wean Avalon has been a hard process, as I intended to nurse her for a year or longer. But … Continue Reading →

tom hiddleeston

Slacktivism vs. Judgmentalism

We’ve all seen the videos, from your neighbor to Gwen Stefani dousing themselves in a bucket of ice water to raise money for ALS. And with the success of this … Continue Reading →


Five, Six, Seven, Eight Months and Counting!

I’ve been taking a little break from blogging, and now the reward is that I have four fresh photos to share of my sweet little baby! Here Avalon is at … Continue Reading →

wedding dress

My New Hobby

I am not a Pinterest mom. I do not braid my daughter’s hair in intricate designs. I don’t make my own homemade crayons with my daughter. I do not cut … Continue Reading →


Worshipping at the Throne of Arrested Development

These days, I spend a lot of time staring at thighs. Chubby wubby baby thighs, that is. Avalon’s legs are so fat it’s hard to tell where her bum ends … Continue Reading →


Ten Problems with Frozen

I’m not a Frozen hater. I own the DVD and I play the role of Queen Elsa in my house every other day with socks on my hands for gloves. … Continue Reading →

These small moments of the night

Her tiny hand clutches the neck of my shirt. As she rhythmically drinks, she opens and closes her grip, her fingertips brushing my collar bone. She glances up, her eyes … Continue Reading →